Opal Premium

Monobloc Opal Premium Bistro features the same design as the Opal Bistro, with the distinguishing element being the addition of a small diamond hole in the backrest. Both chairs share equal durability, and the Opal Premium Bistro, like its counterpart, is stackable, making it ideal for small spaces in homes or condominiums. Moreover, it’s well-suited for use in businesses, such as eateries or coffee shops. Cleaning is a breeze, adding to the overall convenience of this stylish chair.

Check out the great features of our Monobloc Opal Premium Bistro:

Consistent Durability: Just like its counterpart, the Opal Premium Bistro Chair is built with the same commitment to durability, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Smart Stackability: Designed for convenience, this chair is stackable, making it a perfect solution for small spaces in homes, condos, and a practical choice for your business, whether it’s an eatery or a coffee shop.

Versatile Use: From the intimacy of your home to the vibrancy of your business, the Opal Premium Bistro Chair seamlessly transitions between spaces, adding a touch of elegance wherever it goes.

Easy-Clean Sophistication: Maintain its polished appearance effortlessly – the Opal Premium Bistro Chair is easy to clean, ensuring it remains a stylish and inviting seating option.


H: 90cm

W: 45cm

L: 50cm

Seat height: 46cm

Weight: 3.28 kg

* Please note that the dimensions provided are not exact but rather a close approximation.


Granite Beige, Granite Mint Green, Granite White, Plain White