Onyx Arm

Monobloc Onyx Arm Chair – a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability. A beautiful two-toned armrest chair made from high-quality plastic that would look elegant in your home.

Check out the great features of our Monobloc Onyx Arm Chair:

Cozy Back Rest: Sit back and relax, literally! The comfy backrest is designed for those moments when you just want to sink in and chill.

Solid Plastic Build: This chair is more than just furniture; it’s a sturdy friend. Built tough with durable plastic, it’s got your back for all your day-to-day adventures.

Your Spot, Your Mood: Whether you’re binge-watching indoors or soaking up some sun outside, the Onyx Arm Chair is all about fitting into your vibe.

No-Fuss Cleanup: Keep it looking good effortlessly – a quick wipe, and it’s back to being your comfy, stylish sidekick.


H: 91cm

W: 55cm

L: 45cm

Seat height: 44cm

Weight: 3.20 kgs

* Please note that the dimensions provided are not exact but rather a close approximation.


Black, Burgundy, Midnight Blue, Hunter Green